Art By Aeryn

I am Aeryn North. I make art: photography; paintings; digital; multimedia. I especially love abstract form, and feeling for composition. My style shifts and changes. Currently I am bold and colourful in my photography.I am learning to love creating and expressing myself again through publishing my work online.


I've been photographing since I was a kid, and always loved it. To me, the shutter 'click' is the moment I relish. It's the peak moment of photography. All that comes before, all that comes after doesn't matter. It's that perfect instance when time freezes – that is perfection to me.


I feel most inspired to paint or draw when I am experimenting, or exploring. I like to use my own photography as inspiration or even incorporate it into my work.


I am fascinated by the possibilities of digital art. Not only do I enjoy editing photos, but completely altering them, remaking them into unrecognisable and new art. I am also learning digital painting on the iPad.


Below is a flavour of recent work I have available to upload as I make this page in August 2022. I hope to upload more soon to some dedicated online spaces.

More Coming Soon..

Thank you for looking. This web page is just a start of something I hope to be building over the weeks and years to come. If you would like to keep up to date with my projects, please follow me on one of these platforms.I will be continuing to publish to my Aeryn's Sketchbook platform where I can present my work in a way I am most happy with. Subscribe to recieve curated letters about my work into your inbox.News and announcements about my art can also be read on my Sketchbook.