Art by Aeryn Website Launch

I have created and uploaded a new Art by Aeryn landing page website for my art projects, it's at the new address It is designed to be a bridge between my Sketchbook, my Gallery, and other online places.

It's a simple site that mainly serves to be a gallery of recent projects, images, and updates – updates that I don't want to mix in with my newsletter (where I wish to keep self-promotion to a minimum).

– Aeryn, 24 July 2020

Newsletter Update

I am in the process of slightly rebranding the newsletter at The “Love Letters” name is now being used as a subtitle and I’m calling the newsletter a Sketchbook.

Old posts are being left as they are for the time being. They may disappear, or be updated. And I am leaving the paid subscriptions as they are for now. They will be updated sometime soon.

Please check back for updates, or subscribe to the newsletter for more information.

– Aeryn, 19 July 2020